Transparent Orchid Pot Pack - 12cm

Transparent Orchid Pot Pack - 12cm

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These transparent grow pots are perfect for growing epiphytic aroids, orchids or any plant where root aeration and visibility are important to you.

The drainage on these pots is unrivalled ensuring your roots get optimal ventilation while water is easily absorbed and drains away quickly from your growing medium.

Produced in Germany from high quality, recycled plastic using injection moulding for precision and durability.

Available in a convenient 3 or 6 pack bundle.


  • Made with recycled materials and 100% recyclable.
  • Manufactured using injection moulding for strength.
  • Asymmetrical drainage channels for best possible drainage and stability on mesh surfaces.
  • Opaque material shows moisture at the root level.


Height Diameter
10.6cm 11.5cm

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