Anti-Spiral Grow Pot - 14cm
Anti-Spiral Grow Pot - 14cm
Anti-Spiral Grow Pot - 14cm
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Anti-Spiral Grow Pot - 14cm

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Anti-spiral pots are designed to promote healthy root growth with increased breathability that allows your potting media to dry out more evenly.

The unique ventilation and drainage system eliminates root circling and promotes a fibrous non-girdling root system. Perfect for growing epiphytic aroids, orchids or any plant with a fast-growing root system.

Produced in Australia from high quality, recycled plastics using injection moulding for precision and durability.


  • Made with recycled materials and 100% recyclable.
  • Manufactured using injection moulding for strength.
  • Eliminates root circling and promotes a healthy root system.
  • Compatible with our Propstick Pro and Propstick Mini plant supports.


Height 16cm
Diameter 14.3cm
Volume 1.6L
Colour Black

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