Biochar Soil Enhancer - 3L
Biochar Soil Enhancer - 3L
Biochar Soil Enhancer - 3L

Biochar Soil Enhancer - 3L

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Biochar is a New Zealand sourced, 100% organic soil enhancer providing proven solutions that save water, retain valuable nutrients, and increase the health and performance of your plants.

Biochar works well as part of your potting mix for container plants, seeds, cuttings, and transplants. It also improves soil moisture and nutrient retention, carbon sequestration, microbial activity and enhanced plant shooting and rooting.

Boost your plants by mixing biochar with your preferred potting mix! Kiwichar can be top-dressed over the surface or stirred into the existing potting media of already established plants. Over time, it will work its way through the soil, helping to stop potting mixes from compressing and making it hard for water to penetrate easily.

Key Benefits

  • Adding biochar to your plants activates the microbiological diversity of your soil.
  • Plant root depths have been shown to increase by up to 40%.
  • Significantly increased root system strength and associated plant growth as a result.
  • Reduced water consumption by up to 40%.

Read more information on the Kiwichar website.

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