Indoor Plant Care Kit + Free Tote Bag
Indoor Plant Care Kit + Free Tote Bag
Indoor Plant Care Kit + Free Tote Bag
Indoor Plant Care Kit + Free Tote Bag
Indoor Plant Care Kit + Free Tote Bag
Indoor Plant Care Kit + Free Tote Bag
Good Clean Health Co

Indoor Plant Care Kit + Free Tote Bag

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Free organic cotton Tote Bag with every kit purchased!

The Indoor Plant Care Kit from Good Clean Health Co provides everything you need for maintaining healthy plants in your home.

Harmful chemicals aren’t necessary to grow healthy plants. Whether your plants suffer from root rot, pests, fungal infections or you just need a good disinfectant, The Indoor Plant Care Kit is the ultimate non-toxic solution for a healthy home & garden.

What's in the kit?

1. Oxygen Plus for Plants 4L

A food grade 3% Hydrogen Peroxide solution (H₂O₂). It is not a fertiliser or pesticide, it simply supports plants with extra oxygen and promotes healthy growth without the need of harmful chemicals.

Every 4L Oxygen Plus Refill will help reduce 8 single-use bottles from ending up in the landfill and provide life-saving drinking water for 35 days.

2. Mister 360™ Atomiser Spray Bottle

It’s far superior to other spray bottles, producing aerosol-like mist in a reusable, non-pressurised container. The powerful pump action and ergonomic design means less strain on your hands and fingers.

The Mister 360 Atomiser Spray Bottle produces even mist no matter which way you rotate it! This makes it easier than ever to clean hard to reach nooks and crannies or the underside of plant leaves.

3. Evergreen™ Pure Essential Oil

Evergreen™ is a plant-friendly blend of essential oils that can be mixed with Hydrogen Peroxide to make spray for plants. This non-toxic solution helps increase oxygen and offers the benefits from Neem, Thyme, Lavender oil!

Fill the Mister 360 with 50% of 3% Hydrogen peroxide and 50% water and add 2-6 drops of Evergreen to make your foliar spray to grow healthy thriving plants.

4. Organic Cotton Tote Bag and Poster

Every kit purchased comes with a FREE high quality organic cotton tote bag and Tips and Tricks poster!

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