Modular Grow Pole - Large
Modular Grow Pole - Large
Modular Grow Pole - Large
Modular Grow Pole - Large
Modular Grow Pole - Large
Modular Grow Pole - Large
Bright Filtered Light

Modular Grow Pole - Large

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The brand-new Modular Grow Pole from Bright Filtered Light offers you the flexibility you need and a range of different configurations to meet your climbing plant's growing requirements.

With only one exposed side, the honeycomb pattern delivers the perfect balance of airflow, water retention and structural stability, with a large surface area for roots to penetrate.

Easy to assemble with no tools or extra parts required. Just fold along the creases and insert the provided tabs into the slots, securely locking them in place. The feet can be buried in the soil or secured directly to the pot.

Adjustable and extendable, every Modular Grow Pole has an adjustable diameter allowing for different pot sizes and growing media. Is your plant getting too tall? The Modular Grow Pole can be stacked and extended when your plant outgrows it by inserting a new pole into the top of the last!

Non-toxic and made from heavy-duty, 100% recyclable polypropylene. The transparent material is UV stable and allows you to monitor moisture levels and root health at a glance.


  • Sturdy, non-toxic and 100% recyclable
  • Easy assembly with no tools or extra parts
  • Adjustable diameter for different media and pot sizes
  • Modular, stackable to extend the height

Available in three sizes

Small H 35cm × 6cm
Medium H 40cm × 7.8cm
→ Large H 58cm × 9.8cm

Please note: this product is shipped flatpack, without support media. Some assembly is required.

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