Prop Ball 4 Pack - Large
Prop Ball 4 Pack - Large
Prop Ball 4 Pack - Large
Prop Ball 4 Pack - Large
Prop Ball 4 Pack - Large
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Prop Ball 4 Pack - Large

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Gone are the days of cutting plastic wrap to size, making a mess with sphagnum moss and damaging your plant. These re-useable Prop Balls will take the hassle away and make the process of propagating your plant through air layering more efficient and tidy.

Air layering is the process of propagating a plant while the cutting is still attached to the mother plant. Just place a Prop Ball around one of the nodes, fill it with your desired medium and close it up. Root growth is encouraged by keeping the medium inside the root ball moist and keeping the plant in a warm environment. The transparent material allows you easily monitor the moisture level and root growth.

The Prop Ball and is available in three different sizes to fit around stems regardless of their diameter. Whether you are looking to air layer a fine stemmed pothos or thick-stemmed Monstera, you’ll find a root ball to fit!

Comes in a 4 pack.


Diameter 12cm, for stems 12-31mm
Material Polypropylene
Weight 70g
Package contents 4 x Prop Balls, corner bands

Note: The air layering techniques pictured are most successful when used on plants in the aroid family or with accessible nodes.

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