Propstick Pro
Propstick Pro
Propstick Pro
Propstick Pro
Propstick Pro
Propstick Pro
Propstick Pro
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Propstick Pro

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The new and improved Propstick Pro! Taller, more refined and better for the planet.

Get your plants climbing and propagating with a Propstick Pro, a new and improved sequel to the highly popular Propstick Pro designed by Grow Vertical, manufactured in Australia.

These Propsticks are built to last and designed so they can be fastened directly to your pot and filled with any medium. You no longer have to battle to keep your sphagnum moss dry, why not try expanded clay balls or orchid bark?

Unlike standard moss poles, the Propstick only has one exposed side, this results in better moisture retention overall, while aerial roots are contained and encouraged downwards towards the pot.

Constructed from solid coated steel mesh and a heavy-duty plastic backing, the Propstick is 100% reusable with any media you wish to try.

A 100% transparent backer, fully recyclable.

Black Eco: 
A fully opaque backer made out of 90% recycled materials.

Dark Transparent: 
A semi-transparent black backer, 100% recyclable.

Green Eco Transparent: 
A 100% curb-side plastic recycled product and may vary in colour from grey to green due to the nature of 100% recycled materials.


Height 70cm
Width 11cm
Compatibility Fits 13-17cm pots

Please note: this product is shipped flatpack, without support media. Some assembly is required.

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