Ultrasonic USB Humidifier
Ultrasonic USB Humidifier
Ultrasonic USB Humidifier
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Ultrasonic USB Humidifier

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Is your indoor jungle beginning to feel the effects of the drier months? Time to step up you propagation station? This sleek and efficient ultrasonic humidifier ticks all the boxes.

A beautifully simple design and intelligent features means this device not only looks good, it out performs others on the market. This small humidifier will give you 3-6 hours of ultra-fine mist for it's small 55ml size and automatically cut off when it needs refilling.

Simply remove the lid and fill with water, even a few drops of your favourite essential oil. The non-slip silicone base and lid design means no more worrying about spills or humid environments.

Capacity 55ml
Run time 3-6 hours with automatic cutoff
Size D 7.1cm × H 14cm
Power 5V USB, cable included
Warranty 1 Year

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