Cloning Paste
Cloning Paste
Cloning Paste
Urban Botanist Cloning Paste in use
Urban Botanist

Cloning Paste

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Clone your favourite house plants with Urban Botanist Cloning Paste! The first of its kind to be produced locally in New Zealand.

This paste is similar to the popular 'Keiki Paste' formulated to work with a vast range of different indoor plants. The natural lanolin base infused with plant hormones tricks your house plants into producing new shoots when applied to dormant buds.

The active plant hormone ingredient is a Cytokinin that promotes shoot proliferation in tissue culture. Using the cloning paste on a 'dormant bud' can activate it, promoting a new shoot.

Experiment with propagating your house plants, accelerating new shoot growth from both the mother plant and cutting.

How it works

Find the Dormant Bud For the majority of house plants, the dormant bud is going to be located at each node. You may need to prune off a leaf and/or peel off the bract on the stem to reveal the bud underneath.
Apply the Cloning Paste A little bit of paste goes a long way! The hormones are very powerful in small doses. Wear protective gloves to avoid contact with skin. Use a toothpick or cotton bud and apply the paste onto the dormant bud.
A Word of Caution Make sure you don't apply the cloning paste to more than three dormant buds on each plant. This will take up too much energy and slow the growth of your plant down.

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